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We accompany you through the entire product life cycle by assisting in the effective management of drug safety information

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About us

"None of us is as good as all of us" Ray Kroc

NTS hub. A scientific-technological consultant company composed of a team of pharmaceutical professionals, doctors, graduates in health sciences and engineers led by professionals with extensive experience in the areas of pharmacovigilance, clinical research, veterinary medicine, medical information and technology in pharmaceutical laboratories.


NTS hub wants to be transparent in its service, professional and keep a close follow-up on all needs together with our team that will fulfill its objective, guaranteeing our clients the trust placed in NTS hub as a service company with total professionalism, security and confidentiality.


Service, professionalism and experience always supported by a digital environment that will continue to grow and innovate and that will prevail as a means of interaction between companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Universities and the Health System. Because Technology Advances.


Freshness: agility, transparency and closeness.

Constancy: customer orientation, perseverance and commitment.

Innovation: eexperience both in work teams and in adapting our clients to new technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

How NTS hub works

NTS hub works as a perfectly geared team in all its areas. Responsibility and quality assurance associated with the agility and professionalism of its employees.


We provide the highest quality support. We are a young and fully dedicated client consultant company. We closely monitor any of your activities.


Through OiRAM® and OiRAM® Vet we provide innovation and technology in permanent development and adaptation to the current legislation.


We are not a conventional consultant company. We are constantly thinking, creating and imagining how to be closer to our clients.


By definition we work giving expert advice so that our client is 100% calm in their day to day.


because technology advances

Clinical researh
Animal Health
Applied Technology

OiRAM®. RAM Pharmacovigilance Database

We offer scientific pharmacovigilance support from the dartf of SOPs and maintenance of the PSMF, to the preparation of safety reports and comprehensive management of Pharmacovigilance cases, including literature searches, medical queries and reporting to the Competent Authorities. In addition, we have our own platform for employee training and we offer Local QPPVs in different countries

Full support during the Clinical Trial

Comprehensive support in Pharmacovigilance during the performance of a Clinical Trial, which will help Sponsors in the draft of protocols and safety reports, review of investigator brochures, as well as reporting of adverse events to the Competent Authorities and Ethical Committees.

Nuestro equipo de técnicos ofrece soporte científico y técnico en la Investigación Clínica aportando soporte clínico ayudando en:

OiRAM® Vet. Vet Pharmacovigilance Database

We ensure that the marketing authorization holder has an appropriate pharmacovigilance system to take responsibility for its veterinary medicinal products (VMP).

360º simulated environments. 100% online training.

Simulated environments with 360º technology. 100% online training. Support to the pharmaceutical industry sector through our pharmacovigilance databases

OiRAM® y OiRAM® Vet

and to the hospital and university sector through high-performance technology and 360º simulated environments with

WaZo® System.


Who we are

We are not the same. We are no different. We are just people, each one with a singular quality and a common one that makes us work as a geared team to offer the best of ourselves to our clients. Freshness, experience, agility and the desire to change the world of pharmacovigilance and consulting. NTS hub assumes the responsibilities and functionalities of QPPV in Europe. We are in different countries, such as: United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Austria...

Mike Johnson

Alicia García
Head of Pharmacovigilance

Jessica Specter

Marta Alonso
Drug Safety Manager

Lynda Smith

Nidia Rubio
Drug Safety Officer

Lynda Smith

Teresa Marín
Medical Advisor

Mike Johnson

Fátima Moreno
Medical Advisor

Lynda Smith

Elena Mora
Senior Drug Safety Officer

Jessica Specter

Gertrud Schuster
Ext Senior Medical Writer

Lynda Smith

Jorge Méndez
General Manager

Who we are

We are not all of us and we are not only in Spain. We are also in Portugal, Hungary, Germany, Argentina or Austria. Thanks to your trust, we adapt to your local needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our services.


helping your business

Tel: (+34) 91 088 41 88

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carretera de fuencarral 22

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We are Net-Pharma

The only Pharmaceutical hub in Spain España

We currently are part of Net-Pharma, 18 companies oriented 100% to the pharmaceutical industry where we can give you support from the first moment until the product is released in a facility of more than 7,000 square meters and with all the resources at your disposal.




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